Jazzy is a sweet chihuahua/maltese/terrier mix, she is approx 18 months and 8 lbs.. she was owner surrendered to a shelter because their elderly owners were afraid that they would trip over her, we feel that they may have done that as our vet felt that she had some neurological issues when we received her, we had our neurologist check her out and run tests for infectious diseases just in case that was a problem, everything came back negative, they felt that if her owners had fallen on her that she may have been injured and in time would recover, which she seems to have down, we don’t feel that she is 100% healed but she is acting so much better than at first. she needs another dog as a companion, and will need some patience and tlc, she loves sitting on your lap and gets very exicited when she wants to be picked, she is pretty active,loves to run and play wither buddies, she is not fully house trained but will run out to the yard to go and loves to curl up on her doggie bed

we don’t feel she would be a  good match with anyone that has small children or elderly parents.. her fee is $100.00