montrose is a really beautiful dog with a quirky personality, he is approx 5 yrs old and 56 lbs, when we rescued him he had a carcinomas on his back, the vet removed it and the margins were clear, there is always a chance it may return, it is just an unknown factor and we do have his histiopathy report for review. he loves women, is not to fond of men,and has been known to bite if he feels threatened or wants toy protect his owner he was adopted and returned as he really bonded with his new owner but not her father who lived with her and he became territorial, so he will need a very experienced owner who can work with him, he is very smart, responds well to training, loves to go on walks, does have some separation anxiety and wants to be where you are all of the time, he loves to hang out with people and other dogs, he did not like going to the vet initially, although now that he has been to our several times has not gotten more comfortable there and is not as scared,he is a really nice and loving dog for the right owner under the right circumstances but one must be willing to put some effort into training him and working on his issues. the adoption fee is $ 200

We transport our dogs through Rescue Road Trips to the northeast. Visit their website for route availability If your new companion is transported through Rescue Road Trips, the cost of an out of state adoption fee is $475 which includes the adoption and transport fees. If you live in Massachusetts you’ll need an interstate health certificate. All dogs are required to be quarantined for 48 hours at the Ven Elger Kennels in Westport, Massachusetts. The cost for the quarantine and additional new required health certificate by a licensed Massachusetts vet is $110 for a total cost of $585.